You may be asking:

“So, are you selling stuff, giving it away, or what?”

The playful answer is “Yes we are!”

First and foremost, we don’t want anyone to NOT use something found on this site because they can’t afford to pay for it. That means everything is given away for free, and we wish blessings on its use.

Beacuse we have bills to pay, we also give everyone the opportunity to pay what they want for content, if they can afford to and/or wish to support what we do.

The way this works is, when you’d like to download something, a little pay window will pop up. You can pay zero if you’d like, or you can pay what you think would be fair. You can even choose to pay a lot, if you have the resources, and if you happen to be as passionate about inclusive language as we are.

You choose, with no judgement from us. Like we said, it’s all available for free. Anything above zero is gravy, in our minds. We like promoting a “gift economy” and we’ve included some info about that on our Resources page. Check it out… it’s a good thing.