“If you wait until your website is perfect, you’ll never hit the ‘go live’ button!”

I can’t remember where I read this, or who wrote it, but it sure is true. It takes a lot of work to design and publish a website, and one with a ton of content…¬† ¬†well, it seems to take forever. And that’s exactly what will be here — a ton of content. But if we waited until the “ton” was added to hit the “go live” button, that would just delay making good stuff available. And progressive churches are always looking for good stuff to use. I know mine is.

So we’re going live before some categories have much (or anything) at all, and we’ll just keep on adding. We’ll get to that “ton” at some point.

In the meantime, explore around and see what’s here, and sign up to get notices when we add new content. Thanks for stopping by!