Hello and welcome!

I’m David Marks, founder, main editor and webmaster here at ProgChurch Press.

photo of David MarksOur main purpose (as you may have seen on our home page) is to create, curate and disseminate progressive inclusive liturgy and music.

Less poetically put, we want to be a source of words, music and ideas that progressive churches can use in their ministries. We certainly wouldn’t want to limit the use of any of our resources to progressive churches, but that’s our niche and where our calling lies.

Defining what a progressive church is and summarizing progressive theology is not an easy task, and there is not unanimity of thought, even among those who use the label. This is not a site to learn all the ins and outs of progressive theology, but our content will have certain characteristics.

Language will be inclusive. This means that we will not use gendered language for God or general humanity. It also means that we will lift up marginalized and oppressed people. We reject privilege in all its forms, while being/becoming aware of our own, wherever it exists. We have also abandoned “feudal” language (king, lord), which was used to codify the power discrepancies of an earlier time.

Science will be embraced. Poetry, metaphor and myth are embraced too, but as ways to connect with the Sacred, not as ways to define our world and it’s natural processes.

Biblical literalism will be eschewed. We see the Hebrew and Christian scriptures as teaching stories about life. This does not trivialize the Bible, in our opinion, but instead raises it to an important place and source of understanding ourselves and our world. We believe that taking the scriptures as literal historical and scientific truth is not only wrong, it is dangerous and can lead to oppression and violence.

Tradition will be respected and updated. We treasure the traditions of our ancestors. We will continue to use what is meaningful, while updating and creating new ways to enhance our connection to each other and the Holy.

Join us on the journey!

You’ll notice that parts of this website are still under construction. We figured it’d be better to go ahead and start making content available, rather than waiting until everything is perfect. Please sign up to be notified when content is added.